Xanga to Wordpress Exporter

xanga.r [18-May-2007] - This is a program written in rebol that parses xanga pages to get the post and comments. Then it can output them in the wordpress rss 2.0 xml format for wordpress to import.

In order to use it the xanga site must be in it's default theme. To do this go to 'edit theme' in xanga and uncheck 'make this your active theme'. The bottom should have "Next 5 >>" in order to see your older posts. Features:


Code Use - The code is written in rebol and so the object must be used with rebol. From the rebol console the code is below.
A basic export:

		do %xanga.r
		xanga/export http://www.xanga.com/user-name
		xanga/export-wpxml %myfile.xml
There are also refinements on export-wpxml to specify the new wordpress site url and to specify the title of the site.
Useful methods:

xword.r [18-May-2007] - This is a gui wrapper for the xanga.r script. In order to run the script you must have the xanga.r script and the latest version of rebgui.r.
I am also providing a windows and a linux binary version if you don't want to run the script.


Importing to Wordpress:

FileTypeDescriptionVersion DateDependencies
xanga_1.rRebol script Object for saving xanga postsAugust 24, 2007rebol core or view
xanga_2.rRebol script Revision 2 of xanga.rJanuary 2, 2009rebol core or view
xanga_3.rRebol script Revision 3April 22, 2009rebol core or view
xanga.rRebol script Latest version of xanga.rSept. 18, 2009rebol core or view
xword.rRebol script GUI for xanga.rAugust 24, 2007rebol view, Rebgui, xanga.r
xword.exeBinary Executable Program for saving xanga posts to wordpressAugust 24, 2007Windows
xwordBinary Executable Program for saving xanga posts to wordpressMay 19, 2007Linux, X11

Version History: